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Destiny 2 | What Is the Max Power Level?

Destiny 2 - What Is the Max Power Level?

With each passing Season in Destiny 2, the max Power Level increases for Guardians to reach and achieve. It basically determines how much damage you can take and how much damage you can deal to enemies. The days of starting with double digits for Power are long gone. Instead, amplifying quadruple numbers are the stats to go for, as the threats within our solar system grow only stronger with each expansion. Of course, this applies to the current Season of the Seraph, where the Power Level goes up once more. Guardians have plenty of time to accumulate their overall Power before the Lightfall expansion arrives on February 28, 2023.

What Is the Max Power Level in Destiny 2?

What Is the Max Power Level in Destiny 2?

The maximum Power Level (or Light Level for veteran Guardians) for the Season of the Seraph is 1590. Starting players will begin with the base level of 1350, which can easily be increased to 1530 through general gameplay, serving as the soft cap. Once that progression completes, work with the vendors at the Tower to participate in weekly challenges and activities. This will progressively increase the number to 1580 for the hard cap with Powerful Gear equipped. Dedicate some extra time in Destiny 2 with Pinnacle Gear to eventually reach Power Level 1590.

Attaining Power Level 1590 requires extensive gameplay and Pinnacle Gear that essentially increases the level to the Pinnacle Cap. Engaging in weekly playlists and completing certain missions, dungeons, and raids will help with the Pinnacle Cap grind.

Additionally, Guardians have a chance of going past 1590 with the help of the Seraph Cipher Seasonal Artifact. Not only can it offer Seasonal Mods for your gear but it can expand your Power Level to higher numbers. Casual Destiny 2 gameplay is welcomed here, with XP being dished out throughout the Season of the Seraph. The more time you put into the current Season, the higher your Power Level will become, evidently.

It’s important to set up in-game goals for yourself as you climb your way to the Pinnacle Cap. One method to keep in mind is to routinely check weekly challenges that will reward Guardians with Pinnacle Gear. You can quickly find these by navigating to the different game modes to see which playlists are offering Pinnacle Gear upon completion.

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Written by Andrew Smith