Diablo 4: Twisting Blades Rogue Leveling Guide

The Rogue is one of the five classes that players can choose in Diablo 4 and this fast-paced fighter has plenty of tricks up his sleeve. He is an agile attacker that mainly relies on melee and ranged attack combos along with other tricks such as grenades and traps.

One such skill of The Rogue is the Twisting Blades which allows players to deal AoE damage while moving. This allows players to utilize a melee playstyle with fast movement speed to kill the maximum number of targets.

This guide will tell you how to level up Rogue with Twisting Blades.

Diablo 4 Twisting Blades Rogue Leveling Guide

There are various to level up rogue and one of the most popular approaches is to use the poison trap which can deal a lot of damage. You can use talents such as Deadly Venom to make it more powerful and increase the amount of poison damage. Poison Imbuement is another great pick that recently received a buff making it ideal for killing bosses.

However, it is not recommended that you pick either of them since they can be a bit clunky to use as you need to wait for the enemies to trigger them thus limiting their true potential.

When choosing between Poison and Shadow imbuement, it’s better to go with the latter due to its talent: Consuming Shadows. While it does overlap with Twisting Blades due to its AoE damage, the ability to consume shadows can be really helpful.

If you combine it with rogue specialization: Inner Sight, you can get almost infinite energy allowing you to use your abilities endlessly. This advantage that it provides far outweighs the slight reduction in speed while killing boss enemies.

Now to kickstart the levelling build, we will be going with Puncture, a ranged attack ability that gives 2 energy when damaging a crowd-controlled enemy. Next, we are going to pick vulnerability which gives us a massive damage increase especially if we acquire bonuses to vulnerability on our gear.

Since the whole build depends on Twisting Blades, it will be our primary skill, especially with its Act 2 power that turns it into a merry-go-round of death destroying everything in its path.

For momentum, we can choose Deft Strikes however the capstone passive skill isn’t required and Advanced Twisting Blades are enough for the job. Fundamental Puncture for the vulnerability, Dash Shadow and Shadow steps to travel around the map quickly.

The main priority however should be maxing out Twisting Blades as soon as possible to get a significant boost in power. As far as Defense is concerned, Dark Shroud is probably one of the best defensive abilities although a lot of folks skip it in favour of full damage which isn’t recommended.

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To increase the momentum, we choose Improved Dash as it slows down enemy hits by 30% for 3 seconds with Advanced Shadow Step being the next upgrade.

Let’s talk about Imbuements with the first one on our list being the Mixed Shadow Imbuement which can make enemies vulnerable for a short time. With the plethora of abilities that we have already equipped in addition to the Shadow imbuement, most enemies won’t stand a chance.

Boss enemies will be effectively neutralized by the Puncture while maxing out Consuming Shadows will help generate 30 energy for every kill which is a lot.

Now we need to unlock the final upgrade for Shadow Step which will help reset its cooldown timer. This is pretty important for our capstone passive ability

Moving on, we focus on upgrades to Dark Shroud in order to get a critical strike chance. Choosing Precision Imbuement will give us more CRIT and we decide to invest in defence which is something most rogue players avoid.

The Sturdy and Dark Shroud are great defence picks to help you reduce the amount of damage taken from enemies. The reason behind choosing defence is that it will help you survive longer with higher energy levels. With the healing talent, you can recover a good chunk of health whenever you critically strike an enemy.

Next, you need to invest in Momentum to unlock the ultimate passive ability which will give you a stack of momentum for 8 seconds if you hit a stun, daze or frozen enemy. You can daze your enemies occasionally using Dash or use Improved Twisting Blade to daze them all the time.

The Shadow Step can help you maintain your ultimate passive ability by hitting enemies from behind while providing resets. In case you are finding it hard to use Shadow Step then you go with the Advanced Twisting Blades ability.

Momentum will help you with damage reduction, massive energy increases as well as a significant boost in movement speed. Going back to the talent tree for some quality-of-life improvements, you can choose Innervation which provides a 30% chance to gain 8 energy on an unlucky hit.

You can go with Haste and Adrenaline Rush for an increased attack and movement speed respectively. To optimize the build further, you can choose to max out the Shadow imbuement to increase its damage and improve your AoE potential.

This is an all-rounder Rogue build that will help you level up quickly while feeling fast, tanky and ruthless. You don’t need to worry about energy levels as this build is quite efficient and you will be able to dominate your enemies easily.

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Written by Borut Udovic

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