Did EA Stop Sales In Russia? What We Know So Far!

Due to the current situation with Russia and Ukraine. More and more threats and punishments are being sent to Russia. The United States of America keeps sanctioning Russia in order to fully stop Russia from gaining any type of revenue.

So far we have seen flight restrictions, exports, and imports restrictions. This may cause some big problems in the future for Russia and their economic crisis. So far the Russian Ruble has dropped 30%. Some say that may lead to an Economic crisis in the country. Today we will talk about EA and their sales in Russia.

Did EA Stop Sales In Russia? What We Know So Far!

EA or better known as Electronic Arts is an American video game company based in California. This gaming platform has online and offline games available for players all around the world.

As of Friday, 04.03.2022 Electronic Arts has made an official statement that it will ban all sales towards Russia and its users. All the new upcoming games and sales will no longer be available for online mode in Russia. The Russian community will need to find another available gaming platform for them to enjoy.
This is a big hit for the Russian community because the number 1 ranked football game in the world right now is Fifa, and they cannon enjoy the benefits of the game.

So far nobody knows how long this restriction will be. It has not been stated that this will be permanent. But if the current war does not calm down, people believe that Russia will have to face even more sanctions from the Americans.

Written by Borut Udovic

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