Dinkum: How to Plant Seeds and Trees

The most recent farming and crafting game on Windows is called Dinkum. Players will construct towns on an island and create various survival tools in this new survival game. Players can team up with their pals to explore a realm modeled after the Australian outback in this down-under adventure. 

Even though the game may be a calm adventure, if you are unprepared, establishing your village in the jungle can be challenging. You can learn how to sow seeds and trees in Dinkum by following this guide.

Dinkum: How to Plant Seeds and Trees

How to Start Farming in Dinkum

The following steps will enable farming in Dinkum:

  • Create the visitor’s website.
  • After John takes over the visitor’s site, construct John’s Goods.
  • Wait for Rayne to visit and then order 1 or more hoes and watering cans and seeds as per your choice for sowing from her
  • Furthermore, Rayne will eventually ask you to build her a permanent store in the town if you do her favors and buy things from her shop.

Note: When it rains, as you may guess, you do not need to water your crops.

How does Farming in Dinkum work?

Dinkum farming operates pretty much as you’d expect it to: you need the tilled ground to plant seeds, and water to give your crops daily. Fertilizers can be used to hasten the growth of your crops.

There are entirely distinct regulations for each crop. While some crops only produce a fruit or vegetable once, others continue to produce till the end of the season.

Some crops could be harvested by hand, while others needed a scythe. Numerous crops may be cultivated right next to one another, although other crops may require more space on the tilled land.

Furthermore, you can plant a lot of trees, flowers, and bushes before you even meet Rayne. But only the crops you purchase from Rayne will count toward your farming milestones. No matter what you create, most items can be used in some capacity for cooking.

How to Acquire Seeds in Dinkum?

In Dinkum, there are two ways to obtain seeds:

  • The player can either get the crop seeds by purchasing them from the Rayne store.
  • Or by removing bushes or trees. Other than this there is no way you can get the seeds to plant. 

Be warned that Rayne carries a random assortment of Seeds every day. Premature replenishment is a wise idea!

How to Plant seeds and trees?

The Player will need two things in order to plant the seeds. A shovel is one, and a seed is another. You’ll require Fletch’s Excavation License for 500 Permit Points in order to use the Shovel. You must accumulate permit points through a variety of activities before going to Fletch and using those points to purchase an excavation license.

You can purchase the shovel for 1,200 Dinks at John’s Goods if you get your license. You must first obtain the shovel before obtaining the seeds. Rayne sells seeds, or you can harvest the seeds by cutting down trees and plants. 

Go to your field and equip the shovel with the seeds after obtaining them, then dig a hole in the earth. 

You can plant the seed with the “Bury” trait in the hole once you’ve excavated it. By pushing the Q button, seeds can be inserted into the hole. 

Equip the shovel after you’ve planted the seed; the soil will still be on it because you dug the hole. Use the same dirt from the shovel to fill the hole. 

Therefore, dig the hole, add the seed, and then fill it up once more with the same dirt. After that, all the seeds need is water to grow. After a few days, you can harvest the seeds.

Locals Can Assist with Watering

While there will be a lot of watering to be done, you won’t have to do it alone because the community will frequently help out. There isn’t really a way to encourage this specifically, although you can help things along by keeping your planted crops close to the town’s structures.

Written by Borut Udovic

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