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Disciples: Liberation Legendary Weapons | How to Obtain

Disciples: Liberation Legendary Weapons

You’ll come across a wide assortment of useful gear as you journey across the land of Nevendaar in Disciples: Liberation. Although the armor pieces are exclusive to Avyanna, weapons can be equipped by both her and her companions. And just like the game’s protagonist, all nine companions you can recruit on your travels have access to unique legendary weapons. These weapons are vastly more powerful than anything you can get from chests or normal quest rewards. However, you’ll need to spend some time and effort if you want to obtain them. Keep reading to learn about all the specifics.

How to Obtain Legendary Weapons in Disciples: Liberation

How to Obtain Legendary Weapons in Disciples: Liberation

The first legendary weapons you’ll come across are exclusive to Avyanna. The protagonist has access to two of them: the Staff of Veranto’or and a sword called Rift. You’ll get them both at the same time. There are two different legendary weapons because each of them is tied to certain classes.

You can equip the sword only if you’re playing a Warlord or Hexblade. Meanwhile, the staff can only be equipped by Avyanna’s Witch and Seeress classes. You will automatically receive both legendary weapons regardless of your current class after you complete the four starting regions along with Veranto’or.

Unlike Avyanna, each companion only has access to a single legendary weapon. And you’ll need to complete a special quest to unlock it. You can unlock these special companion quests by speaking with the characters in Yllian.

Companions have a wide variety of dialogue options, many of which only unlock after you’ve progressed up to a certain point in Disciples: Liberation. Keep talking to them periodically and you will eventually have all the quests by the time you complete Veranto’or.

Much like building upgrades, weapons can also be improved up to tier four. You can upgrade equipment at the blacksmith but keep in mind that you’ll need to spend a lot of resources to improve legendary weapons.

Some Companions Quests are Easier Than Others

Most of the companion quests are pretty simple, but there are a couple of exceptions. For instance, Sebastien’s quest ‘We Were Children, Once’ requires you to help a Paladin trying to lead a caravan of civilians to safety. Ideally, you’ll want to help them escape by clearing the area of enemies.

Alternatively, you can speak to the Veil forces looking for the caravan and betray the Paladin in exchange for a bounty. Doing so will incur the wrath of Sebastien, however, who will side with the civilians and become hostile. Not only will you lose out on the legendary weapon, which is actually a ring in this case, but you will also lose Sebastien as a companion.

Written by Andrew Smith