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Disney Dreamlight Valley Orange Nasturtium | Where to Find

Disney Dreamlight Valley Orange Nasturtium - Where to Find

As you travel Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll have quite a few different resources to dig for. And with nine areas to explore, you’ll be forgiven for not having your head on straight about them all! From the Forgotten Lands to the Frosted Heights to the Glade of Trust, you’ll have your work cut out for you. The Orange Nasturtium is a flower in Disney Dreamlight Valley… so you know you’ll have to look everywhere for that! We can help you dial it down so you can more quickly find this item.

Where to Find Orange Nasturtium in DDV

Where to Find Orange Nasturtium in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Orange Nasturtium is a collectable flower item found in the Forgotten Lands of Disney Dreamlight Valley. This item spawns in random locations throughout the biome. It appears as a small-budded orange flower, typically recognizable when close to water. You can sell this item for 60 coins, or hand it over to your friends to increase your friendship level.

All Nasturtiums are found in the Forgotten Lands. There are red ones and yellow ones, as well as the more traditionally orange variant. And unfortunately, they are all random spawns! Thankfully, they tend to spawn in bundles of ten or twenty individual flowers. So, as long as you see the colors, you shouldn’t have much trouble locating a few batches.

That being said, you are not guaranteed to find this plant every time. There are five different flowers in the Forgotten Lands, after all! If you can’t find the flower, don’t worry. You can simply head to your home and rest, or perform some tasks in another biome. After a while, the resources will respawn in the Forgotten Lands, and you can try to farm these flowers.

Orange Nasturtiums are not really required for anything specific in the current version of Disney Dreamlight Valley. You can sell them or give them as gifts at your leisure! Feel free to keep a couple in case future quests and characters rely on them in the future.

Written by Andrew Smith