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Disney Dreamlight Valley Purple Pigment | How to Get

Disney Dreamlight Valley Purple Pigment - How to Get

If you just unlocked Ursula in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’re probably starting on her first quest, Lair Sweet Lair. After taking care of building her house in the first half of the quest, the second half will task you with crafting a Magic Scroll and Ink Kit for Ursula. To do that you’ll need to make two Purple Pigments. However, the game doesn’t show you how you’re supposed to craft them. Luckily, you can rely on us and this guide to show you how to make Purple Pigment and finish the rest of Ursula’s quest.

How to Get Purple Pigment in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Get Purple Pigment in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You can craft Purple Pigment at the crafting station in Disney Dreamlight Valley. In order to craft one Purple Pigment, you’ll need four Purple Falling Penstemons and four Purple Rising Penstemons. However, you need two total Purple Pigments for the quest. That means you’ll need eight Purple Falling Penstemons and eight Purple Rising Penstemons total to craft the two pigments Ursula needs. Purple Rising Penstemons spawn and can be found in Peaceful Meadow, while Purple Falling Penstemons can be found in the Plaza.

It’s worth noting that there won’t be enough spawned to collect them all at once, and consequently, you can’t buy them anywhere. So, you’ll have to wait for them to respawn and return until you’ve collected eight of each Penstemon. Once you do, you’ll be able to craft two Purple Pigment at the crafting station.

You’ll also need six Dream Shards, three Paper, and an Empty Vial for the rest of the quest. To craft an Empty Vial, you need three glass, to make one glass you need five sand and one coal ore. So for three glass, you’ll need 15 sand and three coal ore in total. With those items, you can craft the three glass at the crafting station, then with that, the Empty Vial. Now with the Empty Vial, two Purple Pigment, Six Dream Shards, and three Paper you can craft Ursula’s Magical Scroll and Ink Kit, and complete Ursula’s Lair Sweet Lair quest with it!

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Written by Andrew Smith