Disney Dreamlight Valley Roadmap for 2023 Revealed

Disney Dreamlight Valley Roadmap Revealed
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We’re a few weeks into the new year, and we finally have the 2023 Disney Dreamlight Valley roadmap. Fresh new content is rolling out as soon as next week!

The rollout was announced by the developers this morning. Here’s what to expect :

Disney Dreamlight Valley February Updates

Starting in February, we don’t talk about Bruno because we’re getting Mirabel Madrigal from the beloved movie Encanto! We can only hope to visit her realm and explore Casita in all her beauty! Another familiar face coming this February is Olaf from Frozen! We’ve already had Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff in the Valley, so the addition of Olaf will really tie it all together! 

Disney Dreamlight Valley April Updates

This coming April, the rightful King of Pride Rock arrives! Simba will be joining the party; I’m sure Scar will be thrilled. I’m interested to see how they tackle the fact that Simba knows Scar killed Mufasa. I hope they acknowledge the lore and don’t ignore it to keep the peace; I want some real rivalry! With Simba’s arrival, we can only hope this means Timon and Pumba are right behind him. Zazu would also make a perfect companion to fly by your side around the Valley! 

Disney Dreamlight Valley Roadmap for Early Summer

They get more secretive as the list progresses, but we’ll finally find out what’s going on in the Forgotten Lands (who’s living in that dang pumpkin?!) Their announcement photo depicts our evil alter ego, and they’ve promised us a new princess in the Valley!

Based upon their word choice of a princess “racing into the Valley,” I’m speculating that they’re talking about Vanellope von Schweetz of Wreck-It Ralph fame. Wreck-It Ralph clothing and furniture have been available since the beginning of the game’s early release, so it’s about time! She’ll be a fun addition!

New Star Paths

New monthly star paths have also been revealed! February will feature a star path centered around celebrating Disney’s 100th Anniversary. I hope the items and motifs are centered around some of their classic characters. April brings us a star path with a focus on Disney Parks! I’m sure it will include many new Mickey ears for our avatars to wear! More announcements for star path themes are expected shortly.

What To Expect for the Rest of 2023

What’s in store for the Disney Dreamlight Valley roadmap in the rest of 2023? The developers have given us a vague list of what to expect. The list includes:

  • Multiplayer 
  • Characters
  • Realms 
  • Clothing and Motifs
  • Decorations and Furniture 

I’m especially looking forward to seeing how the multiplayer aspect is implemented. It will be fun to see how the villagers react to having a new person visiting their Valley. Hopefully, it will have similar features to Animal Crossing‘s multiplayer element. For example, I’d love to visit Scrooge McDuck’s store and peruse his inventory in another valley. The ability to gift or mail items would also be fantastic. 

New characters are, of course, the main draw for everyone in these updates. This is a pretty good lineup, but I’m still holding out for some of my personal favorites. Based on content already in the game, I think we’ll see more Tangled characters and, eventually, the appearance of some Monster’s Inc favorites.

I can’t wait to interact with Mike Wazowski. They should give him his stand-up comedy theater (hint hint, developers). The characters that have been confirmed are excellent choices, and I’m thrilled with them!

The developers have been spectacular regarding engagement with the player base. We never go too long without new content, and it’s always worth waiting! It looks like we’ve got a great year of nostalgic fun ahead of us!


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