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Disney Dreamlight Valley Softwood Location | How to Get Quick

Disney Dreamlight Valley Softwood Location

In Disney Dreamlight Valley one of the most common materials that you’ll need to collect is Softwood. These are bundles of sticks that can be found lying around the Valley and the surrounding area. Some quests will require a lot of it, so what’s the best way to get Softwood quick?

How to Get Softwood Quick in Disney Dreamlight Valley 

Disney Dreamlight Valley Softwood Location

The best way to quickly get Softwood early in Disney Dreamlight Valley is by collecting it in the Valley, Peaceful Meadow, and the Forest of Valor. It only takes about five minutes to respawn, so by the time you’re searching the third location, it should be respawning in the first area.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to farm Softwood. However, it is a fairly common item that can be found under or around trees and bushes.

Characters like Scrooge McDuck and Moana will require you to collect Softwood for them fairly often, so it’d be a good idea to pick some up while you’re doing random tasks and store it away for later. If you pick up ten or so pieces every time you hop on, you should have plenty for the quests.

For example, in Moana’s Fixing the Boat quest, she will ask you to collect 50 Softwood for her. However, if you already have 25 pieces collected and stored away, it won’t take long to find 25 more from the above locations. On the flip side, finding all 50 in one play session will take a little bit of time.

It’s also worth mentioning that as new updates release and we get access to new tools and items, there may be a better way to get Softwood quick. But for now, this is the best option that we have.

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Written by Andrew Smith