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Disney Dreamlight Valley Sunlit Plateau Bones | How to Remove

Disney Dreamlight Valley Remove Bones Guide

Aside from the luxurious activities and character quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley, there are certain obstacles that push back the player from further progression. This comes in the form of naturalistic blockages that prevent any additional footing and exploration, such as tree stumps and giant mushrooms. We’re referring to the dried bones that can be found in the Sunlit Plateau. Some are wondering how they can remove these bones, as with any other barrier in the game. The answer might surprise you.

How to Remove the Sunlit Plateau Bones in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley How to Remove the Sunlit Plateau Bones

You cannot remove the bones in the Sunlit Plateau, at least not yet. The entire relevance of these bones is connected to Scar, the villain from The Lion King. And since Scar hasn’t been introduced the game’s Early Access run yet, we’ll have to utilize different methods. Right now, there are two possible routes for you to choose from, each providing access to the Sunlit Plateau.

Forgotten Lands Method

Method 1 is by purchasing the Forgotten Lands biome for 20,000 Dreamlight. Not only will you unlock the new area, but it’ll also provide an alternative pathway to the Plateau. It’ll be through the lower part of the Forgotten Lands, which opens up the other side of the dried-up lands with the bones. The bridge in the Sunlit Plateau will still possess the bones, so you’ll need to backtrack a bit if you’re not using fast travel.

Wishing Well Method

Method 2 is relatively easier, and it won’t cost you a hefty amount of Dreamlight. Instead, purchase the Wishing Well in the Sunlit Plateau via Scrooge McDuck’s sign for 7,500 Star Coins. Once the transaction is complete, head to your Furniture menu then select the Wishing Well to move it. Place it on the other side of the bones, where you can fast-travel to the newly-established site. You’ll easily transport to the west side of the Sunlit Plateau, thus being able to acquire more resources. Plus, there are Night Thorns that must be removed here.

These two methods are temporary fixes until a major update comes our way with the introduction of Scar and other Lion King characters. We’ll check out Scar’s quests when he finally arrives in the Valley. In the meantime, be sure to visit these Disney Dreamlight Valley guides if you need a little boost:

Written by Andrew Smith