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Disney Dreamlight Valley Vegetarian Stew Recipe | How to Make

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There are a lot of sugary dishes among the 160 different recipes in Disney Dreamlight Valley. That’s why, every now and then, it’s nice to go the healthy route and prepare a dish like Vegetarian Stew. However, you probably didn’t even know this dish existed in the game. That’s because the dish requires you to recover a specific Prince to unlock it, which is an expensive adventure in and of itself. Nonetheless, if you’re craving Vegetarian Stew or need it for a quest, this guide will show you how to make it.

How to Make Vegetarian Stew in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Make Vegetarian Stew in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To make Vegetarian Stew in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll need an Onion, a Carrot, and a Potato. However, you’ll need to unlock Prince Eric to learn the recipe first, or you won’t end up cooking anything.

To start, you need to work Ursula’s questline until you’ve got the “Poor Unfortunate Prince Quest”, which will unlock Prince Eric. Once you’ve completed the quest, Prince Eric will return to the valley and as you to make him Vegetarian Stew, which he gives you the recipe book for.

Now you need to work on getting one Onion, Carrot, and Potato for the Vegetarian Dish recipe. In order to get these items, you’ll need to have the Forest of Valor and Forgotten Lands unlocked. That’s because you’ll need to head to buy Onions or Onion seeds at Goofy’s Stall in the Forest of Valor. Then, you need to grab a Potato or Potato Seed from Goofy’s Stall in the Forgotten Lands. The last ingredient, Carrots, or their seeds, can be purchased from Goofy’s Stall in Peaceful Meadow.

Once you’ve got all of those ingredients, head to the Stove Pot in your house or at Remy’s Restaurant. Now start cooking and add your Onion, Carrot, and Potato to make Vegetable Stew. This dish sells for 475 Star Coins, or grants 617 energy points if you’re planning on eating it.

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Written by Andrew Smith