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Does Far Cry 6 Have New Game Plus?

Far Cry 6 New Game Plus

Far Cry 6 is a big game, but is there anything to do after the credits roll? New game plus is always a great way to extend your time with a game, giving you another run at the story mode, with all your upgrades and equipment in tow. It’s a staple of single-player experiences — but does Ubisoft’s latest game follow the trend? Read on to see.

Is There New Game Plus in Far Cry 6?

Far Cry 6 New Game Plus

Sadly, the answer is no. As of present, there is no new game plus mode in Far Cry 6. After the Far Cry 6 campaign has finished, there is no option to replay it again with all of your current gear and skills.

Of course, you can still replay the story, but that will involve restarting the game entirely. You’ll lose all your progress and upgrades – so it doesn’t have the same continuity of a typical new game plus mode.

It certainly comes as a surprise, considering 2018’s Far Cry 5 did have NG+. Since the feature was available in the previous entry in the franchise, it’s a shock that it doesn’t return here. However, that doesn’t necessarily means a NG+ won’t be added to Far Cry 6 in the future.

Looking at recent Ubisoft releases, it seems that launching without new game+ is a common trend. That was the case with Watch Dogs Legion, which launched in November 2020 without the mode. It did eventually get the mechanic, in a patch from January 2021. As such, it’s proof that it can be added very easily via a software update. It’s possible, if not likely, that Far Cry 6 will receive similar treatment in the future. Presumably, it’ll occur at a time where most players are running out of things to do in their first save.

Nonetheless, it’s a disappointment for purists and Far Cry diehards, who may have wanted to replay the game with all their overpowered gear in tow. It would have been nice, but there’s no new game plus mode in Far Cry 6.

Written by Andrew Smith