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Does Hitman 3 Have Co-Op Multiplayer?


Hitman 3 is pretty close to the previous entries of the series. Because of that, fans of Hitman 2 might remember the co-op sniper mode that developers introduced halfway through the roadmap. It was a fun distraction, so it made sense for it to come back in the final entry. Who knows what interesting sniping scenarios IO Interactive could put you in? So, the question is, does Hitman 3 have a multiplayer mode? Or is this going to be another stop in the roadmap?

Does Hitman 3 Have Multiplayer or Co-Op?


Currently, Hitman 3 has no multiplayer modes that players can access through official means. This includes the co-op Sniper Assassin’s challenge and the 1v1 Ghost Mode player vs player challenge. Hitman 2 multiplayer servers were also shut down soon after the game’s announcements, and IO Interactive confirmed that neither mode will make their way to Hitman 3.

This is a bit of a shame. It seems that IO found the multiplayer modes a bit too much effort for what they brought in. However, right now, we do not know if IO confirmed that all multiplayer modes will be removed permanently from the game. Perhaps we get some other modes that allow for players to interact with each other in the game’s future. It could be funny to have Agent 47 and a prodigy of some kind taking on the world… Though perhaps a little out of character for the quiet assassin.

The lack of multiplayer modes should not dissuade any player from approaching the game. There is a ton of content to explore. Right now, there are five game modes for players to choose from. These range from the traditional campaign, to spins on the campaign, to selecting your own targets in a mission. Heck, fans of Sniper Assassin see that mode making a triumphant return, though without the co-op aspect.

Hitman 3 is looking stellar so far, without even needing a multiplayer mode to help boost it up. There’s a ton of content on the horizon, and the game looks like it’s going to be supported for a long time. Want some more Hitman 3 content? Check out some of our other guides!

Written by Andrew Smith