Dragon Heart & Dragon Power Guide – Elden Ring

The Dragon Heart item is an obtainable item from different dragons in Elden Ring. In order to obtain one, you first must locate a dragon and kill it. Once dead the dragon heart can be obtained and used for different purposes in the game. Some beginner players don’t know the locations for the dragons, that’s why this guide will help you locate a dragon and kill it!

Dragon Heart & Dragon Power Guide – Elden Ring

Locating a Dragon & Obtaining a Heart

There are different giant dragons in different locations all across Elden Ring. We will cover up the first and closest dragon from your starting point, which is Flying Dragon Agheel. This fire-breathing dragon is dangerous for any player. It is classified as a great enemy and once killed, he will give you a dragon heart.

You will have to dodge a series of attacks, such as fire breath, charge, sweep attack, tail attack. Take your time and plan out every single move with this dragon. It only takes a few attacks to be taken from him for you to die. The Flying Dragon Agheel is located just north of your starting area in Limgrave, you will find him in the waters resting.

Dragon Power (Trading)

After you have obtained the Dragon Heart, you can use its powers for many things. The main reason that most players use the Dragon Heart is trading it for some special items. The heart can be traded in the Church of Dragon Communion.

The Church of Dragon Communion is located on the far southwest side of the map on a small island.

Trade 1 Dragon Heart for each of these at the Church of the Dragon Communion in Limgrave:

  1. Dragon Claw
  2. Dragon Fire
  3. Dragon Maw

Trade 1 Dragon Heart for each of these at the Cathedral of the Dragon Communion in Caelid – You will only see the spells if you have defeated their associated dragon:

  1. Agheel’s Flame (Requires 2 Dragon Hearts)
  2. Dragon Claw
  3. Dragon Fire
  4. Dragon Ice
  5. Dragon Maw
  6. Ekzyke’s Decay
  7. Glinstone Breath
  8. Rotten Breath

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