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Dragon Quest Builders 2 Soggy Skerry Checklist | How to complete

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Soggy Skerry Checklist

After completing the first island in Dragon Quest Builders 2 players will have the option to move on to the second island as well as some other optional locations. One of those locations is known as Soggy Skerry and it will offer players a checklist which will reward those who complete it with unlimited wood and dry grass. Let’s take a look at the Dragon Quest Builders 2 Soggy Skerry checklist.

How to complete the Dragon Quest Builders 2 Soggy Skerry checklist

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Soggy Skerry Checklist

As we said above, completing the Soggy Skerry checklist in Dragon Quest Builders 2 will reward players with infinite wood and dry grass. This is obviously something that players are going to want to have, as it will save them tons of time and keep them from having to go out and collect all those materials each time they need them.

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You can find the Soggy Skerry island by talking with Captain Brown Beard after completing the first island. You can unlock this remote location by paying Captain Brown Beard Hearts of Gratitude, which can be earned from villagers.

The Soggy Skerry checklist has a total of 32 items that players will need to find and mark off of their list. There are actually two separate lists, one for each infinite material that you can earn by completing the checklist. This means to unlock infinite wood you’ll need to one 16 item checklist and to unlock infinite dry grass you’ll need to complete one 16 item checklist, for a total of 32 items.

It’s essentially impossible to write a guide about how to find all of the items, as the island will be randomly generated every time you visit. However, you can find most of the items by simply exploring Soggy Skerry on your own. Once you’ve found the majority of the items on the checklist, you can then go and have a more detailed look for the remaining items.

It is also worth noting that if you’re having trouble finding an item, you can leave the island and come back without losing any progress on your checklist. This will also mean that the item locations will be regenerated, meaning it could be easier to find an item that you’re looking for!

Once you have gathered all of the items, open up your map and locate the Builders Workbenches to get your reward of infinite wood and dry grass. Having these items instantly available to you in Dragon Quest Builders 2 will be super helpful along your journey.

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