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Dragon Quest Builders 2 Wheatgrass | Where to find Wheatgrass

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Wheatgrass

There’s tons to do in Dragon Quest Builders 2. While some players may find fighting monsters or building luxurious rooms and buildings to be fun, others want a simple virtual life. Long hours of tilling, planting, sowing and reaping. There are plenty of crops available to farm, including wheatgrass. Here’s where to find Dragon Quest Builders 2 wheatgrass.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Wheatgrass Location

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Wheatgrass

So the busy of life of questing, crafting, and building wasn’t quite what it was cracked up to be. Farming wheatgrass always sounded peaceful, but there simply wasn’t enough time for it. Or maybe, there just weren’t any seeds around to plant. 

For the prospective virtual farmer, there’s plenty of sources of wheatgrass across the game. Which thank goodness for, as it’s a material needed for loads of crafting items. Players can likely find wheatgrass seeds in natural spawns. 

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Wheatgrass will spawn naturally on two types of tiles throughout the game’s islands. This includes grey and green tiles. They’re all over, and easily accessible. However, waiting for natural spawns can feel like grinding without any action. It’s literally watching grass grow. 

Fortunately for players, there’s an “infinite source” of sorts on one of the game’s many islands. In the Explorer’s Shores part, there’s an island known as the Blossom Bay. It’s easy to sail to, and available fairly early on. 

On Blossom Bay, there’s an abundance of wheatgrass. After harvesting, players will have to leave the island. Rinse and repeat, or leave and return, and the game will be forced to respawn even more wheatgrass. Done enough times, there’s enough wheatgrass for dozens of farms. 

If farming gets a little old, or some time is needed for the crops to grow, players should consider building some new rooms

Written by Andrew Smith