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Dragon Quest Treasures Densinium | How to Get

Dragon Quest Treasures Densinium - How to Get

There are a lot of different materials you’ll need to collect in Dragon Quest Treasures. Some of these are for obvious reasons like cooking, but materials are used for plenty of other things as well. One of the most invaluable materials you’ll need to stock up on is densinium. However, it can’t simply be foraged for while out adventuring. Below we’ll go over how you can get your hands on this precious material.

How to Get Densinium in Dragon Quest Treasures

How to Get Densinium in Dragon Quest Treasures

Densinium isn’t a material that Erik and Mia can collect themselves. Instead, it requires a little bit of extra work. You’ll need to locate enemies known as Muddy Hands in order to get a supply of densinium. That’s because Muddy Hands can drop it upon defeat. Luckily, Muddy Hands are pretty easy to find.

The best place to find a good supply of these messy monsters is the game’s starting location of Paternoggin. Specifically, you’ll want to head for the Palatial Ruins area. There are two quick ways to get there. The first is to simply use a monster with the Glide Forte to sail over the Forgotten Factory. If you haven’t yet recruited a monster with this Forte, speak to the NPC next to the campfire at Snouterhorn Station and take the fast travel option to to the stockade on the plains. Once there, head forward into the Palatial Plains until you hit the ruins.

Muddy Hands are abundant in the Palatial Ruins and drop densinium pretty frequently. It’s not a rare drop, but you’ll definitely want to farm Muddy Hands until you have a good supply. You can also gain densinium through monster dispatches. The only issue is that, unlike defeating Muddy Hands, it’s not a guarantee that you’ll get densinium through this method.

Make sure you’ve completed the Pellet Production side quest to be able to craft new pellets for your catapult, as densinium is mainly used for crafting specialty pellets. However, Densinium is also needed for other reasons, such as completing certain side quests like Dormitory Town. Some monsters will demand a portion of densinium as part of their recruitment fees, especially in the early game.

Written by Andrew Smith