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Dragon Quest Treasures The Hunt Is On | How to Complete

Dragon Quest Treasures The Hunt Is On - How to Complete

There are plenty of side quests in Dragon Quest Treasures. Some are more miscellaneous while others unlock additional facilities like the canteen. Others are part of a quest chain from specific NPCs that act as side stories, as is the case with Admiral Mogsworth. This rival treasure hunter wants nothing more than to compete with you. His second quest, The Hunt Is On, can be tricky to finish. Read on to find out how to complete it.

How to Complete The Hunt Is On in Dragon Quest Treasures

How to Complete The Hunter Is On in Dragon Quest Treasures

The Hunt is On is a relatively easy side quest on paper. However, it’s made difficult because it requires a bit of luck. After completing Admiral Mogsworth’s previous side quest, Mogsworth’s Treasure, he will be so impressed by your treasure hunting skills that he issues you a challenge. Mogsworth will instruct you to meet him at Cold Shoulder Central Station on Cinderback Ridge for more details. Head to a train station and fast travel over to him.

Once at Cold Shoulder Central Station, Mogsworth will inform you that his challenge is a treasure hunt race. However, speed isn’t the only important thing to winning this race. Mogsworth says that the winner will be the first person to find any treasure worth a minimum of one million gold pieces. Simple, right?

The problem is that all the loot you find throughout Dragon Quest Treasures is completely randomized. It’s even possible to receive the same piece of treasure more than once. While getting a treasure valued at one million gold coins is a common occurrence, it’s not one that’s guaranteed.

There are a few things to keep in mind when trying to finish The Hunts is On side quest. The first and most important is understanding the Golden Ratio. If you maximize your Golden Ratio as high as possible, which is ideally a full 100%, your monsters will come across treasure much more frequently. The Golden Ratio will greatly increase your odds of getting treasure with a high enough value to complete Mogsworth’s challenge.

The second thing to keep in mind is that this treasure doesn’t necessarily need to be picked up by you specifically. If you send a few monster teams out on dispatch missions and they return with something valuable, it will still meet the requirements for completing the side quest.

Written by Andrew Smith