Dying Light 2 Bug Fixes Are Coming

Dying Light 2 Bug Fixes
Photo Credit: Techland

Developer Techland is hard at work at Dying Light 2 bug fixes. Following the game’s release last week, the game’s official Twitter announced a list of updates. Some of these should be live currently, while others are in the works.

Dying Light 2 Bug Fixes
Photo Credit: Techland

The Dying Light 2 bug fixes include updates specific to each platform. PC (Steam and Epic Game Store), PlayStation, and Xbox have a list of platform-specific updates and improvements. Again, this includes hotfixes that have already gone live and various updates currently in development.

Dying Light 2 Bug Fixes

  • Addressed various situations when players could be disconnected in co-op.
  • Addressed issues with connection stability.
  • Fixed various game crashing bugs.
  • Fixed an issue with players that couldn’t sell valuables to vendor.
  • Addressed a bug with music streamer mode causing one song not being muted.
  • Addressed a bug with AI being immortal in some rare situations while playing in co-op.
  • Fixed various issues with stealth gameplay in co-op.
  • Fixed various issues when AI could be blocked in geometry.
  • Addressed various AI visual adjustments.
  • Addressed various balance improvements.
  • Fixed rare issues when peers in co-op mode are unable to see the dialog choices.
  • Added various performance optimizations.
  • Addressed fast travel limitation after the game is complete.
  • Fixed issues where various situations that could cause infinite black screens.
  • Addressed AI dead body replication in CO-OP

PC Specific Updates

  • DLSS improvements added

Xbox Specific Updates

  • Added 60 FPS VRR mode for Xbox Series X

Playstation Specific Updates

  • Occasional screen flickering for PS5 addressed

Dying Light 2 Bug Fixes Planned Updates

  • Various story blocks
  • Additional video settings (including motion blur)
  • Adding backup saves
  • Possibility to enable English VO if local language is not English
  • Blocks resulting in player ending in death loop

There you have it, folks. Techland has a lot of Dying Light 2 bug fixes in the works.

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