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Dying Light 2 Combat and Parkour | Which Skills Are Best?

Dying Light 2 Combat and Parkour Best Skills Guide

The two skill trees in Dying Light 2 offer plenty of options for players to choose from that’ll help fit their playstyle. Almost everything you do in the game will be combat and parkour-related, so you’re bound to level up Aiden throughout the game. You can easily get lost in the available skills, but which ones should you aim for before you can unlock all of them?

Dying Light 2 Combat vs. Parkour | The Best Skills

Dying Light 2 Combat vs. Parkour | The Best Skills

For this quick list, we’ve picked three skills from each tree that you should try to get. For one of them, you’ll need some prerequisite skills in order to unlock them. But as long as you’re playing the game and the activities, you’ll find yourself leveling up in a quicker fashion. Remember to also collect those Inhibitors whenever you get the chance, as well.


  • Dropkick – Perform a powerful kick while jumping. Air Kick and 180 Health are required for this skill. This classic skill from the previous game might be on every fan’s radar. It’s incredibly overpowered that it would hurt to not get it. You can power kick your foes off of rooftops and bring boss fights to a swift closing.
  • Perfect Parry – Perform a perfect block to STAGGER your enemy for longer and trigger a slo-mo effect that allows additional follow-up actions to be executed more easily. 120 Health will be needed to unlock Perfect Parry. If you need a little bit of bullet-time action, consider unlocking the Perfect Parry to give you that fantastical combative edge.
  • Power Attack – Perform a power attack that deals more damage, interrupts enemy attacks, and blocks. 120 Health is required for this skill. If you need heavier attacks, then the Power Attack skill is just the right fix to ensure the infected stay dead.

Dying Light 2 Combat Parkour Skill Tree


  • Active Landing – Reduce fall damage and keep your momentum. All you need to do is crouch before landing to initiate a roll for Aiden that’ll maintain his stamina.
  • Dart – Temporarily increases your movement speed, which allows you to jump across wider gaps, reach higher ledges, or run longer on walls. For this skill, you’ll need 140 Stamina. Dart basically provides that extra boost for Aiden, and it acts as the sprint mechanic in the game.
  • Sleek Runner – Increase your speed while navigating tricky obstacles like slopes, balance boards, climbing pipes, wall openings, etc. Only 120 Stamina is needed for this skill, which will open up its own branch of unique traversal moves.

These are just some of the spectacular combat and parkour skills that you can get in Dying Light 2. Obviously, there are more skills that we can mention here, but these six are essential to unlock.

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Written by Andrew Smith