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Dying Light 2 Dead Island Easter Egg | Where to Find

Where to Find the Dead Island Easter Egg in Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 isn’t the only big first-person zombie franchise in gaming, and it knows it. In a pretty nifty reference to a former behemoth of the genre, there’s a Dead Island Easter egg in Dying Light 2. It’s a nice tribute to a game series that no doubt inspired this new title, and will definitely give zombie fans a smile. Read on to find out all about the Dying Light 2 Dead Island Easter egg.

Where to Find the Dead Island Easter Egg in Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 Dead Island Easter Egg Location

The Dead Island Easter egg actually appears quite early in Dying Light 2. You’ll find it during the intro quest, called Pilgrim’s Path, where you’re tasked with using your Survivor Sense in an abandoned house.

There’s plenty of environmental storytelling in here, but one record player contains an especially intriguing tidbit. Find the player, and next to it Aiden will pick up a record called “Who Do You Voodoo?” by Sam B. Eagle-eyed fans will recognize this song as the opening track when you first load up 2011’s Dead Island. It’s an original song for the game, appearing in-universe as a one-hit wonder track that never quite caught on. It then becomes a relic of bygone times, before the zombie apocalypse tore apart the holiday resort.

More than just a nod to another zombie game, it could suggest that Dying Light and Dead Island take place in the same universe. There’s no other narrative explanation for why Sam B’s song would exist in the game. That’s bolstered by the protagonist, Aiden, remarking that the song “sounds familiar,” suggesting he’s heard it before. Could that mean that the two games share a universe? Technically speaking it could, given Dead Island was made by Techland before they moved onto this latest series. Even if not, it’s a great piece of head-canon for fans to relish.

Written by Andrew Smith