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Dying Light 2 Factions | Survivors, Renegades, or Peacekeepers?

Dying Light 2 Faction Guide

Home sweet Villedor. But who can call it so in Dying Light 2? The sequel to Techland’s smash hit pits the player with choices that will shape the status of The City — and possibly the future of humankind. And these choices are coupled with the three main factions that Aiden will interact with: the Survivors, Renegades, and Peacekeepers. Each faction is tasked with its own societal agendas, but who should you side with as you progress with the story?

Which Faction Should You Side With in Dying Light 2?

Dying Light 2 Which Faction Should You Side With

While it’s ultimately down to preference, we find it best to side with the Survivors faction in Dying Light 2. As the title of the game suggests, staying human is the best way to progress through the story.

However, it’s hard to say for certain which faction you should side with without spoiling anything big in the campaign. Each faction comes packed with complex characters that will impact the story in one way or another. Depending on who you favor and dislike, the trajectory of the story will shift directions. There are multiple endings to the game, but we’re not here to spoil the narrative; it’s merely important to note which faction is best to side with as you explore Villedor.

Obviously, unlocking Windmills and Nightrunner Hideouts is a different case if you do so happen to be in any of the specific territories from the three factions. The humans will fight over fairness, freedom, and fury during the day, but it’s during the night time when everyone retreats to their UV homes. As long as you see a UV safe haven, you’ll be set for the time being.

No matter how savage the Renegades may be, or how the Peacekeepers appear to be a totalitarian force, it’s the darkness that frightens everyone. In the end, you’ll have yourself and the ones you choose to support. All we can say: choose wisely, and stay human.

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Written by Andrew Smith