Dying Light 2: Gold Guide For Bloody Ties Trial Challenges

The latest DLC for Dying Light 2, Bloody Ties, has now been released and with it comes a few new challenges that players can face to test their skills. Your performance in these trials will be evaluated with a star based on your time.

There are three trials in total that will test the players speed, combat ability and skill.

Here is a guide on how to get the Gold Star for the Bloody Ties Trials in Dying Light 2.

Gold Guide For Bloody Ties Trial Challenges – Dying Light 2

Like The Wind

This is a parkour challenge that has you racing through checkpoints at night.

You need to finish this challenge in under 1 minute and 40 seconds to get its Gold Star.

You will want to use your paraglider as much as you can for this challenge. This allows you to avoid the zombies chasing you on the ground while hitting the checkpoints and moving on.

There will be a total of 14 checkpoints.

There will be no problem with the first two checkpoints. You will want to avoid the air vent that precedes the third checkpoint otherwise it will cause you to miss it.

Continue on until you have to enter a building for the seventh checkpoint, stop for a bit here and use a throwing knife at the exploding zombie at the end of the hall before proceeding.

This next section will give you no chance to use your paraglider until the last checkpoint, so do your best to run around and dodge any of the zombies in your path.

After the thirteenth checkpoint will be a rope that will allow you to gain enough height to use your paraglider to reach the last checkpoint. If things went well, then this path would have given you enough time to get the Gold.

Between Two Fires

This is a combat challenge for your aim as you will need to shoot a number of Drowners with your crossbow. You will have to kill all 20 Drowners within 1 minute and 27 seconds if you want the Gold.

You will be placed inside a burning playground that serves as your arena. Visibility will be hindered inside here due to the smoke from the fires.

You have the option to jump outside the arena, but you will have to return to the inside of the arena within 10 seconds or you will fail the challenge.

The outside of the arena is where the Drowners will spawn and also has no smoke. A strategy that you can perform is to go in and out of the arena so that you can take out the Drowners easily due to the improved visibility.

Do your best to hunt the Drowners down while hopping in and out of the arena and you should get the Gold Star in no time.

Treasure Hunt

This last challenge may be the most difficult of the three as it has the lowest time limit. There will be 10 Tryout Crystals that you have to collect inside of an apartment complex while avoiding the zombies trying to eat you.

This will require multiple attempts as you will have to know the optimum path to save time and get the Gold.

It’s also recommended to use your UV Flashlight as much as possible to keep the zombies at bay and stop them from hindering your path.

The optimum path for this challenge is:

  1. You will begin at the third floor. Run forward and grab the crystal on the couch.
  2. Duck under the doorway to your right and run to the room to the right. Shoot the Viral inside and grab the crystal by the window.
  3. Go back out and grab the crystal in the sink.
  4. Run to the right and grab the crystal on the couch.
  5. Turn around and jump on the bar to get to the other side and grab the crystal on the counter.
  6. Turn around and jump down to the chair on the second floor and grab the crystal there.
  7. Drop down to the first floor and grab the crystal in the rubble.
  8. Shoot the exploding zombie in the doorway and grab the crystal to its left.
  9. Turn around and run into the other room, the crystal will be inside a fridge
  10. And the last crystal will be on the floor in the room that follows.

With a bit of practice and patience, you will eventually get the path down and get the Gold Star!

Written by Borut Udovic

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