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Dying Light 2 Goon | How to Beat

Dying Light 2 Goon Guide

In Villedor, Aiden will come across a variety of special infected that are new to the player in Dying Light 2. But as the deadly Harran virus continued to ravage Earth, some of the familiar variants have persisted to creep the streets. One of the known variants that we know is the Goon, a monstrous hulk that comes equipped with shocking strength capable of sending the player down to the ground. If you’ve played the first Dying Light, you’ll know how to dance with these guys. But if you’re new to Techland’s open-world, here’s how you can beat up the Goon.

How to Beat Goon in Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 How to Beat Goon

The Goon may be strong, but he’s also incredibly slow. Due to his incredible size, he more so saunters toward his target, with his rebar greatly reducing his stamina. He can deliver some powerful strikes that can literally trigger shockwaves on the ground. Consider them to be mini earthquakes, for they can potentially cause Aiden to stumble backward and lose his balance for a moment. If you’re too close to him, he’ll use his other arm to try and swing at you in an attempt to give himself some space. He may be heavy, but you can easily use that to your advantage.

Every player knows that using dodge movements is essential when it comes to fighting the infected and human rivals. Whether you sway from left to right or step back, dodging can be of great help. This ultimately applies whenever you have to battle a Goon. His strikes may deal some deadly damage, but the wind-up gives you the perfect window to rush behind him and start swinging away with your weapon. Additionally, if you have any useful throwables or nearby opportunity weapons, try and use them to further damage the Goon.

Be mindful of his other arm that isn’t attached to the rebar, by the way. A single slap could ruin your combative rhythm. Luckily, the Goon is one of the easier special zombies that you’ll have to deal with. Just remember to watch his slow swing to give you the opportunity to run to his rear and start attacking. You’ll manage to get in a few strikes before you have to maneuver to the next step and dodge performance.

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Written by Andrew Smith