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Dying Light 2 Hakon Choice | Help or Leave to Die?


When you play through Dying Light 2, you are left to make many impactful decisions that affect the story and gameplay. One of these is a particularly important one. Hakon is the one who saved Aiden’s life in the Bazaar when they tried to hang him. He then acts as a guide to give Aiden the lay of the land and has the same interest as him, to get to the Central Loop. Unfortunately, it turns out he is a bit of a charlatan, enough so that it leaves you really wondering about the Hakon choice when he is shot with a sniper bolt. Should you help him or leave him to die?

Warning: The information below should be considered heavy spoiler territory. The choice here is one of the most impactful in the game.

Should you Help Hakon or Leave Him to Die?


When it comes to the Hakon choice in Dying Light 2, we suggest you save him. If you decide to save Hakon, he will assist you in hunting down the sniper. If you let him die, Aiden will be tasked with going after the sniper alone, which is a bit difficult.

If you save Hakon, Aiden will still be angry with him, but Hakon will make some effort to make up for his deceptions. You will end up going separate ways for a while. Later on in the game, he will show back up grateful to Aiden for saving him. He will still require some coaxing to become helpful in the end, but choosing this path will still potentially qualify you for the best ending.

If you leave Hakon to die, Aiden will be tasked with going after the sniper. Getting to this person is difficult, and you’ll be left to it alone. From this point, Hakon is presumed dead. However, he shows back up later on in the game, but makes himself more of a problem than he was before. He won’t become a dire enemy, but he certainly isn’t your friend in this path. His dark and dismissive side is a pretty impressive character evolution, despite it not being in your favor. Also, choosing this path utterly disqualifies you from any kind of good ending.

At the end of the day, the Hakon choice is up to you, and will depend on how you want to experience the end of the game.

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Written by Andrew Smith