Dying Light 2: How To Unlock Scarecrow Blueprint

There are tons of blueprints that you can find throughout the sprawling open world of the zombie-parkour game Dying Light 2. It consists of weapon mods, items, and even clever easter eggs, making it worthwhile for players to sink hours into locating them and subsequently collecting them. Today, we will be talking about the Scarecrow Blueprint in Dying Light 2 – where to find it and how to unlock it.

Below is how you unlock the Scarecrow Blueprint in Dying Light 2.

How To Unlock Scarecrow Blueprint – Dying Light 2

The Scarecrow Blueprint allows you to create Ali’s Scarecrow long mace. It can be obtained after completing a challenging parkour challenge in gold.

The particular challenge we are looking for can be found in the middle of the game’s Downtown area. On the map, you can see it labeled as the ‘Last Train to Harran.’

However, once you go to it, you can see that it is actually ‘Ali is in Wonderland’.

Take note that the challenge itself is still seemingly bugged. Perhaps that is why it appears on the map as a different challenge altogether.

The challenge itself, or the scarecrow in this instance, can be located on the rooftops just atop the GRE anomaly. It has grass growing on its floors. You can see the scarecrow on the wall in this rooftop section.

Interact with the scarecrow to see the parkour challenge. You would have to complete the challenge in less than 2 minutes and 30 seconds to get the gold and the blueprint.

It also rewards you with varying parkour XP for every tier you achieve.

Say that you overcome the difficult challenge and earned gold. It should reward you with the scarecrow blueprint.

You can craft the Ali’s Scarecrow long mace using 100 scraps, 10 wirings, 3 electrical parts, 1 battery, and 5 infected trophies (uncommon).

There you have it! Now enjoy blasting zombies away using a large scarecrow mace!

Written by Borut Udovic

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