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Dying Light 2 Night Cycle | When Does it Start?

Dying Light 2 brings forth new challenges and ideas for the player to tackle, and one of those is the revamped experience of being out at night. The first game solidified the day and night cycle feature as something for protagonist Kyle Crane to become accustomed to. Running around and killing zombies during the day may be easy, but as soon as nighttime came, players would helter-skelter toward shelter as the Volatiles would chase us to our doom. With that in mind, the sequel welcomes back the day and night cycle, so it’s important to take note of when the nighttime falls.

When Does the Night Cycle Start in Dying Light 2?

Dying Light 2 When Does the Night Cycle Start?

The night cycle starts at exactly 19:30, or 7:30 PM. Around 19:00, or 7:00 PM, the people of The City will begin to ring their warning alarms, with troops rallying back to base and church bells sounding off. This essentially indicates the perfect time to start heading back home. Once 19:30 hits, the streets will then be littered with infected and their special variants. Keep an eye on the bottom right corner of your screen for the day and night cycle meter to be on the safe side.

When nighttime comes around, you need to be on your toes. Vicious Volatiles can potentially rip you shreds after they’ve successfully tackled and attacked you. Not only that, but players are more likely to run into special infected as well. This includes the nail-biting Howlers who will attract more zombies toward your way. The best advice that the game gives you is to stick to the rooftops when the sun runs low. If you find yourself surrounded by hordes of Virals while on the streets, start vaulting over them to find either some UV lights or a swift way out.

However, as dangerous as nighttime sounds, you may want to venture out there every now and then. Since the infected hide inside buildings to shutter away from the sun, they will inevitably stumble onto the streets. This gives you the perfect opportunity to raid the interior of buildings without too much trouble. You might run into a few enemies, but it’s very much worth your time if you’re looking for rare items and Inhibitors for Aiden.

The madness will then settle at 08:00, or 8:00 AM, where the infected will crawl back into the buildings, passing over ownership of the streets back to the living people of The City for the time being.

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Written by Andrew Smith