Dying Light 2 Treasure Hunt Decode Note | Wharf Water Tower Safe Code

Players need to find and decode a note in order to find a safe containing hidden treasure. On successful completion of this side quest, you will receive a powerful C4 explosive.

Dying Light 2 Treasure Hunt Walkthrough

Killing and slashing zombies can be quite fun in Dying Light 2 but there is more to the game than just surviving your way through it. Players can search for treasures spread throughout the game’s open world to improve their collection of weapons.

How to start the Treasure Hunt Side Quest

Today, in this guide we will show you how to decode the note in order to open the safe at the Wharf water tower.

In order to receive this “Treasure hunt” side-quest, you will need to complete the “The Deserter” side quest first.

At the end of that quest, you need to select the “Keep map” option to receive the Treasure hunt quest. If you decide to give the map away then this quest will not be available for you.

Decoding the Note

After starting the quest, follow the markers and head over to the library. When you reach there, talk to Albert who will provide you with some books to read. The first book will be right there on the table next to him.

This book contains the method that helps decode the cipher. A note will appear on your screen when you are finished reading the book.

This note cannot be transferred to your inventory and will stay there. Now you need to read the other two books and then return to the note.

After you complete your short reading adventure, you will learn that the code translates to:




Where to find the Wharf Water Tower Safe

Now head over to the Wharf Water Tower in the northern part of Muddy grounds marked in the map below.

When you reach there, you need to enter the building through the front door and drop down to the basement.

You will find a safe beneath this flooded basement. Now swim towards the safe and enter this code: 03 21 67 in order to unlock it.

Entering this combination will open the safe and allow you to grab the C4 explosive inside it. This will also mark the completion of the “Treasure Hunt” side quest.

Written by Borut Udovic

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