EA App: How To Verify Game Files [SOLUTION]

Nowadays, there are many launchers available for players. Of course there’s Steam, the pioneer for an online play store. There’s the Epic Games Store, Steam’s closest competitor. Then there’s the Rockstar Games Launcher, Origin etc. There are now a ton of launchers, some of them more confusing to navigate than others. There are times where you need to verify your games files and you have a hard time doing so, for example on the EA App. Don’t worry because we have you covered.

Here’s how to verify your game files on the EA App.

How to Verify Game Files – EA App

Verifying your games files is a very quick and straightforward process. Usually, when your game starts being buggy or crashing a lot, the first step you can take to fixing it is to verify its game files.

Perhaps the game was interrupted while being downloaded and a file got corrupted or maybe there’s a compatibility issue with something from your PC. Verifying your files is a quick fix for these.

To verify your files, simply go to the list of your games and click right click the game you want to verify. It will show you a list of options you can take and you can click on “Repair”.

Repairing files and verifying files are basically the same process. You will have to wait a little while your computer does the work, and eventually your files will be verified and fixed. You can now try and see if your game is now playable

Written by Borut Udovic

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