Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes is Officially Coming to Switch

Rabbit and Bear Studios announced that Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes is coming to the Nintendo Switch. The news comes from a Kickstarter update posted today. The developer did not initially plan to release the game on the portable platform.

The developer said they were initially concerned about the Switch’s age. Instead, they aimed to release it on whatever Nintendo platform was coming next. Earlier this month, they announced they would do a “technical investigation into development for a Switch version of the game.” It looks like that investigation paid off with today’s announcement. 

The Kickstarter update also featured a character profile on the mysterious Yaelu. She comes from a mysterious settlement that worships Rune Lenses. The people in the settlement also wear their bangs long to always hide their eyes.

pixel art of some of the characters from eiyuden chronicle hundred heores
The Kickstarter post also gave a glimpse at some of the pixel art for the game. Photo Credit: Rabbit and Bear Studios

The post also details how exactly the cast of characters will play out in Hundred Heroes. The game is a spiritual successor to the Suikoden games, historically known for their huge casts. We count the second one as one of the best JRPGs everyone should play at least once. Hundred Heroes will follow that trend and feature party members who battle, run shops, offer upgrades, and host fun mini-games. 

They give eager players a glance at what’s to come in the game. Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes will let players “[walk] around the map that connects the world together, [check] out towns and dungeons, [fight] enemies, [buy] things in shops, [duel] and [sparr]” and much more.

Finally, they give a little glimpse at what goes into creating the hundreds of characters in the game. “Murayama-san thinks up the characters, Kawano-san gives them form with her illustrations, J-san and the character team allows them to move using pixel art, the planner team gives them roles within the game…and then, finally, at least one character is born. (And we have to do this over 100 times!)”


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