Elden Ring: Academy Glinstone | Location

The Academy Glinstone is an item that can be used as a conduit for sorcerers. To buff up their weapon skills and make them more powerful. These glinstones give out different magic skills, depending on what type you loot and equip on your staff. It is believed that Karolos was the last sorcerer to use the Academy Glin Stone while fighting a great white dragon. Not so many new players know the exact location for this item. This guide will help you locate and collect the Academy Glinstone in Elden Ring.

Academy Glintstone Key Location – Elden Ring

Just south of the Crystalline Woods, in the waters just in front of a big boulder, there can be seen a massive white dragon resting. While the dragon notices that someone is there, you will have more than enough time to grab the Glinstone and run away.

Behind the dragon, you will find Karolos the almighty sorcerer. In his hands he will hold the Academy Glinstone Key. If you want to evade the dragon, simply just run behind it and move towards Karolos to loot the Academy Glinstone Key.

Written by Borut Udovic

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