Elden Ring: Ash of War Gravitas Location

The Ash of War: Gravitas is an ingredient which many people need to find but cannot do so. The item is well hidden in a cave deep nearby the big crab.

This guide will help you find the location of the Ash of War: Gravitas

Ash of War Gravitas Location – Elden Ring

Travelling & Directions

The first thing you want to do in order to get close to the desired location for the item. Fast travel to Limgrave and head south until u reach the end of the hill and find some white shiny lining on the ground.

The path from here on is hidden and tricky. You will be needed to jump down towards the beach and locate the entrance of the cave.

Location to the first jump.

Location to the second jump.

Location to the third jump.

Once you have made your way down at the beach. In front of you, you will see a campfire, a soldier and a wolf resting. You are needed to kill them in order to open your path towards the cave.

Upon killing your foes, continue forward until u encounter more white shiny linings and an entrance to a cave. Inside you will find your desired goods.

Once you enter the cave. Keep going forward where the path is leading you into, after a few meters of walking you will notice a dead corpse laying on the ground. There you are needed to loot the corpse and get your desired item.

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