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Elden Ring Barricade Shield Skill | How to Get

Elden Ring Barricade Shield Skill Guide

In Elden Ring, you’ll need to travel along many roads and secrets if you want to find Ashes of War. Most of them are simply a matter of finding the location of a scarab to destroy. However, for the Barricade Shield, there’s a certain time and place you need to be in order for it to appear.

How to Get Barricade Shield in Elden Ring

Elden Ring How to Get Barricade Shield

The Barricade Shield skill is dropped by a Night’s Cavalry boss near the Castle Morne Rampart grace point in the Weeping Peninsula. You can find him patrolling the road only at night upon a steed. Defeating him will relinquish the Barricade Shield Skill as well as the Nightrider Flail. Your newly acquired skill essentially absorbs massive energy to deflect heavier strikes from your opponents. It will increase guarding by 35, and it only costs 12 FP to activate.

As the boss’s name suggests, the night rider only rides out during the night with his trustworthy horse. There are several in the Lands Between, with the majority of them providing different challenges and rewards. But the one in the Weeping Peninsula contains the Barricade Shield skill in particular.

How to Defeat the Night’s Cavalry

Luckily, the Night’s Cavalry bosses aren’t terribly hard to beat since they only use a couple of moves, making their patterns easy to learn. First, you have the sweep attack where they swing their flail around them, waiting to land a hit. Then there’s the giant leap strike, which is only avoidable by getting out of its way. We recommend sticking with range or magic attacks to take him down. Attempting melee strikes and slashes with this foe is a high risk strategy, considering that he’s on a dark horse. You can try getting behind if you’re hellbent on slashing him to death.

Thankfully, if you manage to kill his mount, he’ll temporarily fall, giving you the perfect window to land a heavy blow. He will fight back thus after for a brief moment before summoning his mount back into battle. Once he’s done, loot his body for the skill in question and the flail. The Nightrider Flail only requires Strength 10 and Dexterity 24 to wield, and it’s also capable of dealing blood loss. Definitely a worthy weapon to check out if you’re looking for something fresh for your arsenal.

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Written by Andrew Smith