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Elden Ring Bloodhound’s Step | How to Get

How to Get Bloodhound's Step in Elden Ring

There are so many cool abilities that you can find in Elden Ring. From stomps to roars and everything in-between, you can take on the Lands Between in a lot of unique ways. However, finding specific weapons can be quite the difficult feat. With a world as huge as this, how are you supposed to find them all? Thankfully, the Bloodhound’s Step has been located, meaning you can find this legitimately impressive weapon as soon as possible.

How to Get Bloodhound’s Step in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Bloodhound's Step

The Bloodhound’s Step ability is attached to the Bloodhound Claw, and is located inside of the Volcano Manor. Upon entering the manor, enter the hallway from the lobby and head to the right. Roll into a wall behind the corpse with the perfume bottle and head down those steps. At the bottom of that staircase is the Bloodhound Knight with the Bloodhound Claws.

Bloodhound Claws are a Claw-based weapon with short ranged and a unique two-handed status which has you dual-wielding. They have 60 bleed innately, which is actually quite high and will allow you to hit bleed procs consistently. They are a quality weapon, scaling with strength and dexterity equally. In addition, they require 15 Dexterity to wield, as well as 10 Strength.

The step itself is a teleport ability. You can use it to teleport forward at a fixed distance. During this time, you are invincible to damage and attacks. This is useful as a mobility option if you need to teleport through bogs or lava areas, as well as an emergency dodge. It takes minimal FP, but those with low Mind will obviously not be able to spam it until the cows come home.

The weapon can be augmented with Ashes of War and buffed with magic and consumables. They are a Normal weapon, and thus only require normal Smithing Stones to improve.

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Written by Andrew Smith