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Elden Ring Colosseum Doors Are Opening Soon

Elden Ring Colosseum Doors Are Opening Soon

Whenever From Software introduces an update to their games, it’s frequently to fix and improve. Only in rare occasions do they add something bigger. Tomorrow’s update is one of the more exciting types. While there is plenty of content planned for Elden Ring, the Colosseum doors will finally open on December 7. This will allow players to fight alone or in teams to prove their strength in a bespoke combat arena. The update will seemingly introduce multiple challenging fights, adding a whole new layer to an already difficult game.

The Elden Ring Colosseum

When Elden Ring came out earlier this year, it quickly became one of the best-selling games of 2022. Now, From Software are aiming to expand it with new content, such as the upcoming Colosseum. As indicated by the game’s official Twitter account, the Colosseum will be going live on December 7 in an update for all players to download for free. The trailer has a cinematic showcase of the types of battles players can expect. It appears that they can fight on their own or in teams against enlarged and enhanced AI-controlled enemies. Additionally, they’ll also be able to fight against other players in a more official capacity.

Like the major titles in From Software’s library, Elden Ring follows the Soulslike formula. In a dark fantasy world falling into darkness, it’s up to the player character to save whatever they can. This involves exploring expansive structures and regions to obtain special items and activate specific events. While doing this, they’ll have to contend with surprisingly lethal enemies and even more lethal boss enemies. The game is built around fighting, dying, and trying again. Now, the Colosseum will add a professional setting to do just that.

There are plans to introduce more content to Elden Ring in the coming year, but there’s still time to get some in this year. On December 7, players will be able to challenge the game and each other in the official Colosseum.

Written by Andrew Smith