Elden Ring: Crab Egg Location | Where to Find

In order to get the Crab eggs you are needed to travel to the beaches of Limgrave. You will be located on a hill with having nowhere else to go. But don’t worry! There is a hidden path where it’s going to show you how easy you can get to your desired location and get your goods!

This guide will help you make your way to the hidden location of the Crab, killing him and getting his Crab eggs.

Crab Egg Location – Elden Ring

In order to do so you must first get to the edge of the hill, where you will find these white parallel lines that are on the ground.

Once stepping on them, they give out a confusing message that makes no sense at all. But the perfect thing about the lines are that they are like pinpoint arrows, guiding you the way towards the beach!

If you want to reach your desired destination you must jump down here and head west towards the pillar, and after you have reached the end of the path, you will see the beach and some fellow foes there who are making camp.

You must continue making your way down there and the beach will be clear to see.

Once you are down there you will see a circle of wind going upwards, this will help you to land your jump well and not get hurt.

When you get on the beach you will see a small campfire and a warrior with his wolf resting.
Defeat them in order to open our path in finding the big crab and taking what you desire!

You will think that that was it and you got to the location, defeated the enemies but you didn’t get what you came for.It’s because the crab is hidden on the other side to rest. To get to his location, simply get closer to the water and u are needed to go under a broken pillar where you will see the crab on your right side resting.

When you get there you will wake him up and a fight will begin. Fight off the crab, dodge his attacks and keep killing him! Once you have defeated the crab, he will vanish and you get your beloved crab eggs!

Written by Borut Udovic

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