Elden Ring: Crucible Armor Location

The Crucible Armor has to be an amazing set with great boost in stats for your character! Your looks will improve instantly once you obtain this amazing set. Although, don’t be fooled, it’s not as easy as you think it may be to get it, that’s why we have developed a nice strategy for you to get the armor without struggling!

This guide will show you the location and how to obtain the Crucible Armor in Elden Ring.

Crucible Armor Location – Elden Ring

The Crucible Armor is being pulled on a chariot by two giant trolls on chains. You will find the chest with the armor on the back of the chariot in a chest, which is guarded by around 15 guards or so.

The chariot is located south east on the road that is connected with Limgrave. The two giant trolls will be headed towards limgrave.

Your best choice of travelling is by using a fast travel at Agheel Lake North. Once you are there, continue south east until you notice the two giant trolls carrying the chariot.

2. How to Obtain

The place is heavily guarded by about 15 guards from the back of the chariot. You are needed to fight and kill them all. A simple trick to beat them easily is to go to the left while facing the trolls and climb up a hill.

From there use ranged attacks or summon allies to help you kill the enemies. This way you won’t risk your chances of dying and will kill the enemy guards in the safest way.

Once all the enemies are killed, you will notice that you cannot open the chest while the chariot is being pulled.

Simply just go to the back of the trolls and hit one of them in the legs, be careful because they might stomp you. A hit in the leg will force the trolls to stop, thus making the chariot stop and you can loot that good gear!

Written by Borut Udovic

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