Elden Ring: Demi-Human Chief Boss Fight Guide

The Demi-Human Chieftan is one of the bosses you can find in Elden Ring. In this guide, we will tell you how to defeat this boss in Elden Ring.

Demi-Human Chief Boss Fight – Elden Ring

The Demi-Human Chief can be found in the Dissenter’s Cave which is a small dungeon located in the Limgrave region. This cave is located southwest of the Church of Elleh. You need to defeat this boss in order to access beaches on another side of the cave.

The two bosses will be asleep when you enter the cave so it is upto you to make the first move. However, you need to be careful of the small demi-humans defending the area which can make the fight complicated.

Since these bosses are located on the opposite sides of the room, you can defeat the first one without waking up the other as long as don’t make much noise. After you enter the room, you will notice two enemies roaming along the cave and the first boss sleeping on your left.It is recommended that you approach the enemies stealthily via the bushes and stealth kill the smaller enemies or the boss.

How To Beat Demi-Human Boss?

The Demi-Human Chief has two long knives and sprints towards you to slam you down or leap in the air for a striking attack. It can also use its spinning attack to deal a good amount of damage or use its combo attack to deliver 3-4 hits at once.

Fortunately, it will also take some time for the boss to get charged between attacks giving you a small window to defeat the smaller enemies in your way.

The Demi-Human Chief can be easily defeated since he doesn’t have much health so you can use your weapon skills, flame grease or spirits to divert their attention. Try to take out the smaller groups of enemies so you can concentrate on the main boss. If you manage to clear the area quickly then defeating the second boss won’t be much of a problem. It is suggested that you defeat one boss then proceed towards the other one.

While the bosses are aggressive, you can still manage to interrupt and dodge them easily. A good shield will be able to protect you from most attacks and counterattacks but you need to be careful of chain attacks. Block and dodge as many attacks as you can. After he completes his overhead attacks and plunges his weapons do, you will get a chance to deliver at least 3-4 hits. Just try to maintain your stamina so you can dodge in time. Use this strategy to defeat both the bosses.

That’s it, you have now successfully defeated the Demi-Human Chief in Elden Ring

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