Elden Ring Dragon Spells Guide – How to Get and Use

Elden Ring Dragon Spells Guide - How to Get and Use

Elden Ring dragon spells will help you burn through enemies.

Elden Ring is a tough game, especially at the start since you don’t have weapons or any magical options. However, you can get dragon spells pretty early on which will make the Lands Between much more tolerable. Here’s how.

Defeat Flying Dragon Agheel in Limgrave

You start your Elden Ring journey in Limgrave. This is basically your first open-world area and also where you will mostly encounter the first dragon of the game. As you open the door to Limgrave, you will see a huge lake in the immediate northeast. Head there and you will soon see the dragon swoop in, killing a bunch of enemies.

Elden Ring Dragon Entering Limgrave
“watch out, watch out, watch out, watch out!”

Yes, it is highly, highly suggested to fight the dragon on horseback. What you want to do is aim for the dragon’s left foot from your point of view. Keep running circles and get a couple of hits in each time you get close, then get some distance. Luckily, the dragon is really slow.

As the mighty dragon falls, you will receive a Dragon Heart. Each dragon will drop a Dragon Heart, which is essential for Dragon Spells.

Go West to the Elden Ring Coastal Cave

Now, go back to your first grace site and head west to the beach. Keep your attention to the left and you will see an opening to the Coastal Cave. You can follow along this video guide:

If you don’t have a torch, you can either just run straight ahead or buy a torch from Merchant Kale who is set up at the Church of Ellen just north of your first grace site in Limgrave.

Just before the boss fight, you can use the gold sign on the ground to summon an NPC who’ll fight alongside you. Additionally, you can use Spirit Ashes for more help. The enemies are not tanky, so you will deal enough damage and beat them without much trouble.

Reach the Church of Dragon Communion for Elden Ring Dragon Spells

Keep going ahead and you will see the light at the end of the tunnel. You have reached the Church of Dragon Communion. Head up and enter the broken monument. Near the dead dragon, you will see the altar with fire burning. Interact and select from the three dragon spells.

Elden ring dragon spells

There are three dragon spells that you will find at this altar. Additionally, there are multiple altars all over the Lands Between. Here are the three dragon spells at this altar:

Elden Ring Dragon Spells Menu

Dragonfire and Dragonclaw don’t require high stats and are hence suited for early gameplay.

Dragonfire summons a dragon head and shoots fire in a cone area. Great for dealing damage to grouped up enemies, such as rats.

Dragonclaw is slower to cast, but deals high damage and can stagger bosses for a second.

Dragon spells at the cathedral of dragon communion

If you venture out to the east side of the map, you will run into the Cathedral of Dragon Communion, offering more dragon spells.

Cathedral of Dragon Communion in Elden Ring Map
Zoomed IN
Zoom Out of Elden Ring Cathedral of Dragon Communion
Zoomed OUT

And here are the spells on offer:

Elden Ring Dragon Spells at Cathedral
Elden Ring Dragon Spells at the Cathedral

The newer dragon spells are:

Agheel’s Flame – 23 Faith, 15 Arcane.

Glintstone Breath – 15 Faith, 12 Arcane.

Rotten Breath – 15 Faith, 12 Arcane.

Dragonice – 15 Faith, 12 Arcane.

Elden Ring has soared the popularity of the Souls series to new heights. The game has brought in many newcomers to the Souls games. Do remember, you will find more Dragon Spells and challenges along the way. So, explore Elden Ring with us at Boss Level Gamer.

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