Elden Ring: Flying Dragon Agheel Boss Fight Guide

Players will encounter various bosses during their adventure in Elden Ring. One such boss is The Flying Dragon Agheel.In this guide, we will tell you all the tactics to defeat this boss.

The Flying Dragon Agheel as the name suggest is a huge fire-spitting dragon found in the Dragon Burnt ruins of Limgrave. The dragon will come flying down from the sky and roast some soldiers in the open arena. You need to wait in the ruins for a few minutes for the dragon to appear with a roaring sound at the location.

Flying Dragon Agheel Boss Fight – Elden Ring

Hitting the head of the dragon will deal the most damage but you will need a long reach weapon such as the Bastard Sword or the Winged Spear. The best way is to keep rolling between the dragon’s legs and hit them with your spear.

Keep an eye out for sweeping tail attacks and be prepared to dodge. The key is to maintain your stamina long enough so you can dodge can block these attacks, you need to preserve it and attack at the right opportunity. You will need to roll away when the dragon raises his paws to crush you and then start attacking his other leg.

Once it appears, all you need to do is to concentrate on the legs of the dragons and hit them as hard as you can while sitting on your horse. You need to care about its tail swipe attacks and other foot stomping attacks when engaging with the dragon. The breathing fire attack of the dragon can be really harmful so you need to stay away from its mouth. After you damage his legs enough, it will stagger providing you with the opportunity to hit it on its head. Follow this strategy and you will be able to defeat the boss.

The real danger in these fights is the fire breathing attacks when the dragon starts flying and leaps backwards.You can’t avoid it so your best bet is to block it using the barricade shield and increased fire resistance to minimize any potential damage. The other fire attacks are less deadly once you figure out their patterns and anticipate them. They are either in one direction or sweeping across the battlefield, so you need to move under the dragon as soon as possible.

You can also summon the Northern Mercenary Ashes for assistance to deal a high amount of damage to the boss quickly. Once you manage to do so it will collapse on the ground and its left eye will appear golden. At this time you need to hit its head for a critical blow.

If you prefer a ranged approach then it is suggested to direct all your spells towards the chest of the dragon since it’s easier to target and has a bigger area than the head. Once you manage to defeat the dragon you will receive 3,000 runes and a dragon heart. Take this heart to the Dragon Altar in the Church of Dragon Communion to receive the Greyoll’s Roar incantation.

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