Elden Ring: Giant Bear Boss Fight Guide

The Secret Giant Bear is a monster that can throw boulders and destroy trees in just a swing, and can be sometimes challenging to kill, and getting killed from the bear can be a common thing among many players. But with some good patience, knowing when to time your attack and how to escape. The giant bear can be easily defeated!

This guide will help you how to manage the giant bear without having any troubles!

Giant Bear Boss Fight – Elden Ring

Equipment & Consumables

So having many Flasks of the Crimson Tear is a must, the flasks will aid you in your fight by refilling your health quickly. The bear can look big and lazy, but he delivers fast rushes and punches towards you.

Being equipped with a sword and a shield is also a must, you are going to have to try to deflect some of these punches from your foe, whether you like it or not.

Mobility Tactics & Attacking

The Secret Giant Bear Boss can be tough to get away from once he charges towards you. That means you need to look closely at his body and see how he is going to react by to bite you off or slamming you to the ground, also wait for his palm strikes to land down when he attacks.

Most importantly, try timing each and every one of his hits with your hits. Once the bear charges towards you, continuously move around the bear (left or right) and make sure his palms don’t make it to you.
On each hit you can make a quick dodge and attack from behind. Keep attacking the bear from behind in order to get the most out of fighting. Those legs are his weakest points.

Make sure you block consistently in order to keep your health bar up and stay alive. You must be sure when to use the Flasks of the Crimson Tear. Once your health is below 60% health, this will guarantee that you stay longer in that forest and getting rid of that Giant Bear.

Flasks Of The Crimson Tear – A must have equipment when fighting Giant Bear Boss

As his health gets lower, he gets angrier. He will begin to move faster and make it more challenging for you to kill him. It’s also to make a quick dodge and go right under his feet so you have the upper hand.

And boom! The Secret Giant Bear is dead. And you have cleansed the forest from it.

Written by Borut Udovic

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