Elden Ring: Glintstone Scrap Location | Where To Find

The Glintstone Scrap is a crafting material which is hidden deep within the Limgrave Tunnels. The location is well hidden on the map. But once you are there the Glimstone Scrap will be shining you so bright you won’t even think twice in taking it.

In this guide I will show you how to get the Glintstone Scraps.

Glintstone Scrap Location – Elden Ring

So once you open the map you are needed to make yourself a mark to the Limgrave Tunnels. On the map the Limgrave Tunnels are located in middle of the map, south from the Gatefront Ruins.

Once you’ve marked your location, mount up and get going! Upon going there, in the waters you will encounter many creatures which are not that complicating to deal with, u can simply just ride away from them.

Right by the blue marked area that you see on the picture you will find the entrance of the cave and head inside the Limgrave Tunnels.

When you get inside you will see an elevator that will take you down under. And inside the tunnel you are going to go forward where you will encounter people who are continuously trying and trying to mine off the Glintstone Scraps.

Attack the miner and obtain what you wish!

There are more miners who are trying to get the Glintstone Scraps, feel free to slay them all and get the scraps.

Written by Borut Udovic

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