Elden Ring: Grave Warden Boss Fight Guide

Players will come across many bosses during their adventure in Elden Ring. One of them is the Grave Warden found in Limgrave.In this guide, we will tell you all the tactics to defeat his boss

Grave Warden Boss Fight Guide – Elden Ring

The Grave Warden can be found in the Murkwater Catacomb. You can locate his dungeon by following the stream heading northeast from Agheel Lake towards the Murkwater Coast site.

He is an aggressive fighter and will sprint towards you and hit you with chain attacks by swinging his hammer. The Warden will also enter a rage visible with a red aura and deal greater damage in this form. You can also deal a good amount of damage by performing some heavy attacks then dodging away. After his chain attacks are depleted, the Warden will be temporarily exposed giving you a short window of time to retaliate.

The easiest way to defeat him is by summoning the spirits for assistance then attacking him when he is distracted. You need to be careful of his sweeping hammer attacks and roll back as far as you can until the attack is over. You also need to block and dodge frequently to conserve your stamina because his hits will do a lot of stamina damage.

If you plan your attacks then you will be able to defeat the Grave Warden easily. You will be rewarded with the Ash of War: Storm Blade once you manage to kill him.

Written by Borut Udovic

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