Elden Ring: How To Get Greataxe

The Greataxe is an amazing Early Game two-handed weapon that you can loot and equip in Elden Ring. Your attack speed with this Greataxe is slow but once you hit an enemy, they are dead! It is a wonderful weapon stashed in the back of a chariot that is being pulled by two giant slave trolls.

These trolls are hooked up with chains and are under command by a group of warriors. With some great tactics and skills. You will manage to get the axe in no time. This guide will show you how to get the Greataxe in Elden Ring.

How To Get Greataxe Location – Elden Ring

To start right off you will be needed to have at least some decent weapons equipped in order to kill the two giant trolls that are pushing the chariot. The location of the chariot is just east of the Gatefront Ruins in Limgrave. The chariot is being pulled on the main road, so missing it is impossible.

When you have reached your destination, you will spot the two giant trolls and their convoy. Your first job will be to defeat the convoy and kill the trolls in order to stop the chariot from being moved.

This is the hard part of the situation because you will need to kill many enemies and you might die during the process. Once everyone has been killed, you can go to the back of the chariot where there will be a chest, open the chest, and inside you will find the Greataxe!

Written by Borut Udovic

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