Elden Ring: How to level up, Attributes & Scaling (Fast)

As you start the game you start normally with the lowest level. As you continue progressing through the game, you will gain experience and levels. Upon every single level, you will get some attribute points that will help you in the game to play a specific class depending on your liking.

Some new players don’t know what path to take in order to get stronger and end up mixing up their attribute points. This guide will show you how to maximize the potential with your attribute points and how the leveling process goes in Elden Ring.

How to level up, Attributes & Scaling (Fast) – Elden Ring

Unlocking Leveling & How to Level

Once you finish your tutorial in Elden Ring, you will get out from the ruins and enter Limgrave. At this point, you still have not unlocked leveling and the map.

You will be needed to go to Agheel Lake North in order to begin your journey in Elden Ring. There you will unlock your leveling and the quests can begin.

Note that the map looks all grayed out due to the fact that you have not unlocked leveling. Once you reached the desired area, the map will show its form and you will start with leveling.

When the area has been reached, you will want to locate the rest point, rest there and begin your first quest where you will need to accept the dialog.

Go to the ruins where there are big groups of enemies, your main goal here is to collect Runes. If you die, it’s okay, just make sure to get back from where you died and collect your runes.

Once you have collected enough runes, you will need to go to your resting area and select the Status menu. There you will see everything you need to know about your character. Mainly how many runes are required for you to gain a level.

What to Level (Attributes)

It is important what class you chose. Automatic attributes will be presented to a level one character. Depending on the highest attribute you have on your first level, is the attribute you will want to focus and raise.

For example, if your character has the most strength, it’s recommended to raise up your strength attribute mostly during the gameplay.

Also, check your weapon. The weapon you wield will tell you what attribute you need to raise in order to carry it. You can also determine what is best for you, depending on what weapon gives the best attributes and scales well with your character.

Its recommended to firstly raise your main attribute then your health and stamina!

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