Elden Ring: How To Use Golden Seed Ring

The Golden Seed is an item that can be used to increase your Flask Usage. Flasks have a certain number of usage times. Meaning that in some battles you may need to use flasks more often in order to survive.

With more Flasks Usages you will be able to easily progress through the game and have no troubles killing bosses or mobs. I will show you how to use the Golden Seed in order to increase your Flask Usage

How to use the Golden Seed – Elden Ring

Once you have obtained a Golden Seed, you will want to go to a site of grace and rest. While resting, a menu will open up with different windows to which you can proceed.

In this situation, you will go in the “Flasks” window and you will see “Add Charge to Flask”. Click on the “Add Charge to Flask” and the game will ask you if you wish to confirm using a Golden Seed to increase the number of flask uses.

Written by Borut Udovic

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