Elden Ring: Invasions Guide

Elden Ring is an amazing MMORPG game that features interesting storyline quests and objectives. The game itself has amazing mechanics, styles of gaming and it’s more open to creative builds for players to try on then other MMORG’s.

A new game mode that was introduced to the game was the PvP Duels and Invasions. Amazing events that are fun and interesting for players to try. There they can test their builds to see which one will suit best and how they can continue with defeating other players.

This guide will show you what the best strategies are while doing an Invasion in Elden Ring.

Invasions Guide – Elden Ring

The invasion mode is where a group of players is invading another campsite that is being held by another group of players.

Someone always will have the upper hand in anything. Whether it’s skill, better gear, better stats or even has more numbers. You must take into consideration about who you want to invade and at what time you wish to invade them. These are some of the good ideas to take into consideration before entering an Invasion:

  • It’s best to have one or two friends with you to help aid you in battles.
  • Making sure your gear and stats are topped up is a must! Because with low quality gear you won’t inflict much damage and you may take a lot of damage once someone strikes you.
  • Having different classes with your group and going to an invasion is always great. Having one that will be more beefy and can take more damage is always good in a group.
  • Also having a friend who is a caster will be a great part of the group. He will be able to inflict damage from a far and have good chances of hitting the enemy.

Special Item

An interesting item that has been introduced to Elden Ring is the “Bloody Finger”. You get 10 of them during an invasion. The Bloody Finger item is good because it teleports you.

It can teleport you to a location where the opponent is, using the element of surprise you should be able to hit a few solid blows on your opponent. It is also good for teleporting you around the area in order for you to recover and plan out a different strategy in order to win.

Written by Borut Udovic

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