Elden Ring: Karolos Mask Location

Karolos Mask is an item which the player can equip. It is a mask of a man with a long beard, long hair and a cap. The mask appears to be made out of clay. Inside the location where you find the mask is what appears to be his clothing, so you basically get the entire Karolos equipped set for yourself.

This guide will show you the Karolos Mask Location.

Karolos Mask Location – Elden Ring

The Karolos Mask is easy to obtain and equip. The proper location for this mask is on the North side of the Gatefront, where you obtain the Coil Shield. You will find the mask of Karolos and his other pieces of equipment in a chariot.

The chariot is guarded by one warrior and you will get through him pretty easy. Once that is done, hop onto the chariot and open the back chest. Inside you will find all the equipment needed!

Written by Borut Udovic

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