Elden Ring: Map Location (Limgrave, West)

The sacred map of Limgrave, West is protected by warriors with great skill. Getting there can be an adventure. Many people believe that the map holds locations to great power. That to figure out is up to you. But the only way that we know for sure what that piece of paper holds is to go and seek out for it.

In this guide I will show you the exact location of the Map of Limgrave, West.

Map Location (Limgrave, West) – Elden Ring

The map is located at the Gatefront Ruins. It is a place guarded by a few guars. But with patience and skill, you should be able to beat them easy.

Once the guards are killed, your only job is to obtain the map. You will find the map hidden inside a grave. This is a specific grave due to the fact that the writing on it shines, it must be something interesting!

Written by Borut Udovic

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