Elden Ring: Max Level | What Is Max Level Cap

Elden Ring is a difficult game when it comes to performance. Making sure to level up and equip your character with the best possible equipment is really important. That way you can progress throughout the game very smoothly and defeat bosses and enemies easily.

The max level for the game is 710 and 99 for each attribute. Upon getting max level in the game gets really interesting. I could say funny as well, due to the fact that you have so much more options available to choose from.

Max Level – Elden Ring

Character Plays

So getting the top level in Elden Ring is going to be a blast. Every single point like health, mana, stamina are greatly increased. Meaning that killing mobs and bosses is going to be even more fun like giant bear boss.


I would say that being a magician would be the most fun way to play the game on Max level due to the fact that u have a variety of skills to choose from and kill mobs in an interesting way. And let’s not forget how big the mana bar is at max level and how little it takes from you to cast a spell. Defeating bosses is going to be a 5 second job with 0 problems what so ever.


As a melee fighter I would strongly recommend to get a two handed weapon with the max damage possible. I am saying that because you will not need so much defense after you see how much damage you deal to bosses and enemies. The only downfall of playing melee on max level is that you are more vulnerable to attacks and hits.

All in all once you get to max level in Elden Ring. It’s a good thing to come back and do those achievements that were hard to do and have a hell of a great time!

Written by Borut Udovic

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